A Closer Look At The History Of Death Metal Music

What is death metal music? Death metal music is a form of heavy metal music that is known to be quite unique. The guitar has to be low tuned and also a bit distorted. The techniques used are quite unique and are namely: picking of the tremolo, muting of the palm, the vocals are deep and growling, the drumming is quite powerful, aggressive and screaming is a part of the music.

The History Of Death Metal Music
This article mainly tries to focus on the history of death metal music so as to ensure that you’re fully aware of the origin of this amazing music genre.

Death metal music was created back in the mid 1980s. Bands like Kreator, Venom, Slayer and Celtic Frost played a very important part in the development of this unique genre of music. The bands slowly influenced the creation of this genre and many people came to love it.

There were also bands like Death, Possessed, Morbid Angel, Orbituary and Autopsy who also acted as pioneers of this music genre. Between 1980 to 1990, death metal music slowly gained recognition and it received a lot of attention from the media. Some record labels like Roadrunner, Combat and Earache began to focus more on death metal and they started signing some death metal bands at a very high rate.

The recording labels also played a major role in promoting death metal music. Death metal has evolved and undergone a bit of diversification leading to formation of many sub genres.

Sub Genres Of Death Metal Music
– Melodic death metal is a form of music that is able to combine British heavy music and some few elements of death metal music.
– Death-doom metal music is a form of music that is able to combine the double kick type of drumming used in death metal and vocals which are quite growled and deep. It is worth noting down that it creates an atmosphere of doom metal by using slow tempos to create an atmosphere that is melancholic.
– Technical death metal is a more complex form of music that has unusual melodies and harmonies. It also utilizes a very rare style of rhythms and signatures.
– Deathcore is a form of music that is able to easily combine some metalcore traits and death metal.
– Pornogrind, deathgrind and goregrind is able to easily mix the speed, brevity and intensity of grindcore with the complexity that is mainly found in death metal.
– The last sub genre is death n’ roll, which combines highly detuned and distorted guitar riffs with vocals that are growled.

The Growth In Popularity Of Death Metal Music
As mentioned earlier, recording labels played a major role in the rise of popularity of this amazing music genre. Death metal music was able to spread in countries like Sweden back in the late 1980s. Pioneers like a band popularly known as Unleashed were able to make this music genre to flourish and rise in popularity.

Some bands like Dark Tranquility played a major role in the rise of melodic death metal music. As the decade came to an end, there were many sub genres which began to rise.

Between 1992 to 1993, the popularity of death metal music was able to reach its peak. Bands like Orbituary, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse were able to enjoy a lot of success commercialy. It is worth noting down that although the genre enjoyed a lot of commercial success, it wasn’t able to break into mainstream.

Death metal music was able to grow in popularity leading to rivalry between Swedish death metal and Norwegian black metal. The bands who sang Norwegian black metal were bored with the death meal scene. In the 1990s, death metal was actually able to diversify and many sub genres were developed.

What makes death metal music unique is the use of time signature changes, tempo and key that is quite abrupt. It is also known to include a song structure that is varied and a chromatic chord progression.

The setup that is mostly used in death metal music mainly includes a vocalist, two guitarists, a drummer and a bass player. This may be the standard setup that is used by most bands but sometimes electronic keyboards are incorporated.

In rare circumstances, the style may also incorporate harmonies and melodic riffs for effect. The incorporation of harmonious and melodious playing led to the development of a sub genre popularly known as melodic death metal.

Lyrics And Vocals
The vocals that are used in death metal music are known as death growls. The growls are sometimes mistaken to be a rare form of screaming.

This is all you need to know about the history of death metal music and how various sub genres were developed. Death metal music is an amazing genre of music that has slowly gained a lot of popularity today and still continues to diversify and evolve.

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